PMI Jamaica Chapter Meeting Highlights - November 8, 2016

Did you miss the Chapter meeting on Tuesday November 8th? 


The focus was on leadership and teamwork. It was a high energy, exciting and fun meeting where groups were formed and everyone participated in the “marshmallow challenge”.


The Challenge:

Each group was given 20 sticks of uncooked spaghetti, 1 yard of tape and a marshmallow. They were then to work as a team to build the tallest structure; complete only with the marshmallow on top. All within a schedule of 18 minutes!!!

Could you do it? ‎

Team Coffee and Cream was victorious with a structure measuring 26.5 cm tall. According to the Team Communicator, each team member had a distinct role in the marshmallow tower's construction. They focused on each individual's strengths rather than weaknesses, appointing a Project Manager and Communicator to delegate and streamline the tasks to complete their structure within the 18 minute deadline.

Team Coffee and Cream

Team Coffee and Cream along with their Marshmallow Structure

We congratulate all those who participated in this exercise. We hope that now we can appreciate some of the nuances of teamwork; that the value of effective teamwork comes from humble leadership and communication.


Each participant will receive one PDU in the leadership category for participation in this meeting.

See you at our next meeting; the finale for the year!!!