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Benefits of Volunteering


Develop a distinctive CV and a global service record maintained by the PMI that is recognized and accepted worldwide.

Acquire and develop the technical skills and jargon of project, program, and portfolio management in a supportive, non-threatening environment, and thus increase your own job effectiveness.

Develop your reputation and professional profile as an expert in project management while accumulating the hours of project, program, and portfolio management experience needed to qualify to sit PMI exams.

Develop important mentor-mentee relationships that can facilitate your development as an administrative professional and leader.

Gain wonderful new friends and expand the network with whom you can share experiences and learn from.

Accumulate Professional Development Units (PDUs) that can be used to maintain your existing PMI credentials

Be recognized for your valuable contribution in promoting the importance of project management to bring together knowledge, skills and techniques to create unique products that achieve business strategic objectives.

Contribute your knowledge to PMI Jamaica and use your insight to streamline our processes and advance exciting new initiatives.

Hone mentoring and leadership skills needed to ascend the management ranks.

Types of Volunteer Positions

Membership Services

Charged with the task of recruiting new members to the chapter ensuring that existing members are aware of the benefits of association and the direction of the Chapter’s governance.

Programmes & Events

Responsible for the planning and execution of Chapter meetings and events throughout the year.

Marketing and Public Relations

Supports the promotion and advertising of the Chapter’s brand and offerings (whether in the form of training courses and/or merchandise).

Professional Development

Manages the planning and execution of the training of PM professionals.


Seek to find and match interested persons to volunteer opportunities within the chapter in the hope to encourage assimilation into the Chapter.

Information Technology

Assists with the technological infrastructure & development needs of the Chapter.

You don’t need to be a member to volunteer.

We recognize that some persons are just getting their feet wet in the profession, and it is quite normal for volunteers to rapidly transition to members and then ascend the leadership ranks within the Chapter. The senior leadership positions are usually offered to members first, and particularly PMPs, but there are almost always many volunteer positions available for less senior persons.

How To Get Involved

1. You can create a profile on our online Volunteer Relationship Management System at and indicate what kinds of volunteer positions you are interested in. You will get automatic emails whenever positions matching your interests are advertised.

2. You can email us at and indicate your area of interest and availability.

3. Speak with an elected officer or volunteer leader with whom you would like to work.

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